Our Products

Theragenics Corporation® offers two different seeds that are used to treat prostate cancer. Each seed is manufactured with a different radioactive isotope that fights localized prostate cancer. Iodine-based seeds (I-125), like the AgX100®, and palladium based seeds (Pd-103) like TheraSeed,® have been used in ultra sound guided brachytherapy procedures since the mid 1980’s. Each source features an effective composition that works to apply conformal energy in the treatment of cancer. Physicians often select TheraSeed® or AgX100® based on their training, experience or status of disease.


TheraSeed® is a prostate brachytherapy seed manufactured with Palladium, or Pd-103, as the radioactive agent that attacks the localized cancer cells. The radioactive material is encapsulated within a biocompatible titanium casing. TheraSeed®’s radioactive material (Pd-103) has a half-life of 17 days, meaning it expends half of its energy between two to three weeks after implantation. Greater than 90 percent of the energy is expended within 90 days




AgX100® is the newest brachytherapy seed offered by Theragenics. This iodine-based device performs similarly to TheraSeed®, but has a 60-day half life, meaning it expends half of its radioactive energy about two months after implantation. Greater than 90 percent of the activity is expended within 12 months.